The Cerrado Mineiro

Quality renowned worldwide.

To be Origin Coffee is to believe in the family care, in the beans cultured with passion and in the results that innovation achieves. Is to honour more than 30 years of history, and being proud to part of Designation of Origin – D.O., worldwide renowed: The Cerrado Mineiro Region.

The Cerrado Mineiro Region

A designation of Origin is a demarcated territory that produces a product that has unique chacteristics that can not be found anywhere else. In Brazil, the recogniti of the Designation of origin is made by the INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property. The Cerrado Mineiro Region Designation of Origin includes 55 municipalities that produces a diferente coffee taste: they coffees with identity and quality, resulting from the combination of climate, soil,terrain, altitude and “Know how” of it’s people.

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Our certifications


The Rainforest Alliance certification is a seal of assurance to consumers that the products purchased are the results of practices performed following a specific set of criteria, including ecological, economic and social balance. Seal obtained in 2008.


The UTZ CERTIFIED seal ended the anonymity of the coffee market, guaranteeing origin and responsibility in production. The Track-and-Report system tracks management along the entire chain. The Group has been certified since 2005.

4C Association

The 4C Association works to make these solutions happen. Members of the 4C Association have developed the 4C Code of Conduct, which defines the social, environmental and economic principles for the sustainable production, processing and marketing of green coffee. This is a way to improve the quality of grains from different parts of the globe and include all producers interested in increasing productivity with quality, respecting nature. It is based on sustainability, and for that it balances, development, environment and economy.


Through research partnerships, BSCA aims to disseminate quality control techniques and product promotions, to raise the standards of excellence of Brazilian coffee offered in the domestic and international markets. It is the only Brazilian institution to certify lots that can be monitored through quality control stamps of specialty coffees, with total traceability through individual numbering, whose consultations are made available by BSCA to consumers.