The unique flavor result of a perfect match.

Remarkable for it’s chocolate, caramel and fruity flavours, the Rio Brilhante Coffee is a result of a meticulous and innovating production in a prime location: an exclusive balance achieved due the Urban Family years of dedication.

The perfect match between altitude, soil, climatic conditions and more than 30 years know how that makes a tipical and unique coffee. A production concerned with quality and engaged with social and environmental matters.

João de Barro

This engineer bird represents our coffees with balanced cup, without astringency, fine cup. SCAA pattern 80/81.


This emblematic and solitary animal is honored by our coffees with nuances of chocolate, medium acidity, medium body, natural and pulped. SCAA pattern 82/83.


One of Cerrado’s guardian, presents our coffees with nuances of almonds, caramel, medium acidity and velvety body. SCAA pattern 84/85.


This harmonious singing bird is honored by our coffees with characteristics of red fruits, medium acidity, full body. If pulped natural, it has floral touches, medium hight acidity and velvety body. SCAA pattern 86up.


In natural and pulped processes, the exuberant bird represents exotic coffees, a rarity found in our areas,and is offer on market demand. SCAA pattern 88up.


Our iconic tree represents our unique and limited coffee label edition. Rare and rewarding lots can be presented to specific markets and purchases.

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Rio Brilhante Café de Origem.

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